Tidal Marsh Outwelling of Dissolved Organic Matter into the Chesapeake Bay:

Impact on Optical, Chemical & Microbial Characteristics of Estuarine Waters

Research Team

Maria Tzortziou
(Principal Investigator, UMD)
e-mail : maria.a.tzortziou@nasa.gov
Photograph of Maria Tzortziou

Dr. Tzortziou is responsible for the overall management of the project, and provides expertise in bio-optical analysis, CDOM dynamics in coastal waters, and remote sensing applications.

Patrick Megonigal
(co-PI, SERC)
e-mail : megonigalp@si.edu
Photograph of Patrick Megonigal

Dr. Megonigal provides expertise in the areas of microbial dynamics and biodegradation of organic matter.

Megan Butterworth
(Head Technician, SERC)
e-mail : butterworthm@si.edu
Photograph of Megan Butterworth

Megan Butterworth is responsible for sample collection and field work. In the lab, she conducts measurements and analyzes data for all of the experiments.

Patrick Neale
(Principal Investigator, SERC)
e-mail : nealep@si.edu
Photograph of Patrick Neale

Dr. Neale assists in the project's management and provides expertise in photochemistry and UV effects on aquatic ecosystems.

Antonio Mannino
(co-PI, NASA)
e-mail : antonio.mannino@nasa.gov
Photograph of Antonio Mannino

Dr. Mannino provides expertise in analysis of lignin degradation products and developing empirical relationships between lignin products and CDOM absorption for satellite applications.

Ally Bullock
(Project Technician, SERC)
e-mail : bullocka@si.edu
Photograph of Ally Bullock

Ally Bullock coordinates water collection, filtration, and sampling for the DOM biodegradation experiments.


Collaborators in this project include:
  • Prof. Rudolf Jaffe (Southeast Environmental Research Center, Florida International University).
  • Dr. Chris Osburn (North Carolina State University).
  • Dr. Jason Porter (University of the Sciences in Philadelphia).
  • Dr. Patricia Delgado, Res. Coordinator for the Maryland Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS).
  • Mr. Bill McInturff, Site Manager at the Monie Bay Reserve Component of the Maryland Chesapeake Bay NERRS.
  • Dr. William Reay, Reserve Manager of the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve System in Virginia.
  • Dr. Scott Lerberg, Watershed and Stewardship Coordinator of the Chesapeake NERRS in Virginia.
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Photographs showing the beautiful scenery of the Chesapeake Bay's Tidal Marsh