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SR-18 Monitoring Sites

The primary monitoring site at SERC is a 120 ft meteorological tower which provides a stable platform and unobstructed sky view. Instruments on the tower are connected to data acquisition computers and the SERC computer network so that outputs can be viewed remotely. The current UV conditions at SERC can be viewed here. Ancillary meteorological measurements are being recorded concurrently. (Read about the instrumentation and measurments recorded on the meteorological tower.)

Other SR-18s are operated in Maryland and across the US. Some instruments are sited in connection with our effects research program, e.g. near the Chesapeake Bay and Poconos Lakes. Six instruments are part of the USDA UV network to support agricultural UV effects research. Other instruments are being operated by National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) and SERC. (See a list of current and formerly active locations ). See the Collaborative Monitoring Network for more information on collaborative programs.

The SERC SRL program has the long-term goal of participating in a hemispheric network for measurement of UV-B, from pole to pole. The program has established collaborations with research photobiologists in South America, and instruments have been deployed during field projects in the Arctic and Antarctic. Future instrument development includes a submersible version of the SR-18.