Bob and Ed make a microclimate balloon in the Forest Ecology lab

Dawn maps the trees in the Western Triangle plot

Much of the research in the Forest Ecology lab is assisted by the efforts of volunteers.  Volunteers help with field tasks such as measuring, mapping, and identifying trees,  laboratory tasks such as making research balloons and sorting leaves, and public outreach events such as our annual open house.  Our volunteers have a wide range of ages, skills, interests, and abilities but they all make important contributions to our research.

For more information about volunteering at SERC, contact the volunteer coordinator,  Dan Gustafson, 443-482-2217.



Intern Erika and Jess Parker attach instruments to a crane gondola which is used to take measurements from above the forest canopy.

Every year, two or three interns work in the Forest Ecology lab through SERC's Work/Learn program.  For 10-12 weeks, the interns work on an independent research project as well as assisting with some of the routine tasks of the lab.  Our intern from the fall 2003 season was Erika Mudrak. Her project was to assess whether fallen leaves collected from a forest gap had a different structure (area and weight) than those collected from closed forest areas.

For more information about the intern program, contact the SERC intern coordinator,