Lab Funding
The following externally-funded projects are currently active in the Ecological Modeling group:

A watershed classification system for improved monitoring and restoration: landscape indicators of watershed impairment (LIWI). 1/2004-12/2006. EPA ORD NCER 2002-STAR-B1. Co. P.I.s. T. E. Jordan, S. D. Prince, S. J.Goetz.

A shallow-water coastal habitat model for regional scale evaluation of management decisions in the Chesapeake region. 1/2003-12/2005. Environmental Protection Agency, 2002-STAR-M1. Co. P.I.s. C. L. Gallegos, T. E. Jordan, J. P. Megonigal, P. J. Neale.

Data synthesis, model comparisons, and a risk-based decision support system for managing coastal systems exposed to multiple stressors, NOAA Coastal Ocean Program. 1/1/2003 through 12/31/2004. Coordinated by the Academy of Natural Sciences Estuarine Research Center, 7 total P.I.s from 5 universities and research organizations. Co-P.I. on SERC portion: T. E. Jordan.

Ecological and socioeconomic indicators for integrated assessment of aquatic ecosystems of the Atlantic slope. Environmental Protection Agency. 7/1/00-6/30/04. Team proposal by six institutions and 18 investigators, coordinated by R. P. Brooks, Penn. St. Univ. SERC Co-P.I.s: D. F. Whigham, C. L. Gallegos, A.H. Hines, T. E. Jordan, P. P. Marra

Nanticoke Wetland Assessment Study. EPA, Corvallis, OR. $225,000. 1/1999-9/2004. Location: SERC, Edgewater, MD. Co-P.I.s. D. F. Whigham, T. E. Jordan.