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Join our ecologists in making discoveries in archaeology, invasive species and more.

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70 percent of the world's people live in the coastal zone. Explore these lush but endangered ecosystems with our scientists, and learn how you can help save them.

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News and Research

How Well Can Buffers Protect the Bay?

Almost half the nitrogen pollution from farming might never reach Chesapeake Bay—if all croplands in the watershed had streamside forests and wetlands protecting them, a new study finds.

Mystery Solved: Why Plants Are Releasing Less CO2

When carbon dioxide rises, plants release less, and for decades scientists couldn't figure out why. With a new paper in Global Change Biology, plant physiologist Bert Drake may finally have the answer.

Climate Change Opens Arctic to Invasions

Melting sea ice is connecting the north Atlantic and north Pacific oceans for the first time in millions of years. A Nature Climate Change article reveals how this could spread invasive species.

Education and Events

Full Calendar of Events

--Tuesday, August 19, 7:00PM– 8:00PM
Evening Lecture
"A Tale of Two Parasites: From a Regional to a Global Perspective"

--Friday, August 22, 1:00PM– 4:00PM
Special Event
"Chesapeake Parasite Project"

--Saturday, August 23, 8:00AM– 4:00PM
Special Event
"Chesapeake Parasite Project"

--Sunday, August 24, 8:00AM– 4:00PM
Special Event
"Chesapeake Parasite Project"

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