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 Distance Learning

Connect with SERC educators and scientists through videoconference. Choose from the list of offered programs and communicate with our staff to cater a program to your classroom needs. 

Our distance learning program is constantly evolving, and continues to adapt and improve through the future. If you are interested in collaborating with SERC through distance learning, please contact Mark Haddon, the Director of Education. 

 Program Materials 
    (Guides and Workbooks)

> Estuary Chesapeake Manual

> Estuary Chesapeake Parent/Teacher Training Presentation

> Estuary Chesapeake Teacher Workbook

> Marsh Explorations Guide

> Exploring Nature Program Guide

 It's All in the Watershed

It's All in the Watershed uses a multi-media interdisciplinary approach to engage students in exploring their local watershed and sharing it with others. It is an opportunity for teachers to turn a one-day field trip into a cross-curriculum, multi-week learning process related to the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

 Blue Crab Resources

Browse information about the famous blue crab's life cycle, diet, behavior and more. Explore these informational pages, learn about SERC Blue Crab research and check out the educational materials.

 Java History Trail

A 1.3-mile walking path through the field, forest, and marsh that explores the history of the land and the people who lived and worked on it. Walk through local history using the interpretive panels along the path. Activities before, during, and after the walk are available to enhance the educational experience. 

 Other Materials 

> SERC Homeschool Blog

Estuary Chesapeake Blog

> SERC Science Learning Modules

If you are interested in learning more about our SERC Science Learning Modules, please contact Karen McDonald.

> SERC Campus Map

SERC Science Blog

SERC Education Programs Brochure

> Journal Article:
         Erb, Amy S. and Anna van der Heijden. 2005. The STAR Program: An Innovative Approach to Teaching the Scientific Method to High School Students (pdf). Proceedings of the Third Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education.