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Part A: Muddy Creek Canoe Trip  (Maximum of 20 students)

The Muddy Creek Canoe trip is a guided tour that will take participants on an ecological adventure through several ecosystems on a tidal creek on SERC's property to study the ecology of the wetlands. The canoe trip creates an opportunity to see wetlands and forested riverbanks and observe wildlife such as birds, deer, muskrats, turtles, and aquatic organisms.

Students will learn simple canoeing skills while observing the surrounding ecosystem and identifying certain species with a field guide.

During the canoe trip, participants will stop at several stations to discuss the following topics:

  • Fresh and saltwater mixing in Muddy Creek
  • Marsh grasses and animal habitats
  • Stream dynamics and erosion
  • Function of wetlands
  • Fish migration
  • SERC research

If the Muddy Creek Canoe Trip is combined with Marsh Explorations, students will also test the water of Muddy creek for pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and salinity and discuss the relationship these variables have to each other and to the organisms that thrive in Muddy Creek.

Participants are expected to participate fully, including loading boats into the water and returning them to the storage rack at the end of the trip.

Before starting the trip, participants will get introductory instructions on canoeing techniques as well as safety instructions. Canoes, life jackets, and paddles are supplied. All participants are required to wear life jackets.


To schedule a field trip, contact Jane Holly at SERC's Education Department for available dates or use our "request for registration" form. After we receive the form, education staff will contact you to discuss dates and confirm your field trip. You will need about 2-3 hours for the Muddy Creek Canoe Trip. Combined with the Marsh Explorations, the complete Wetland Ecology Program can be a full-day program.

If you are only registering for this component, trips may be longer than 2.5 hours if advance notice is given.

At least one teacher/leader is required to chaperon the participants. Canoeing experience is helpful but not necessary.

The Muddy Creek Canoe Trip is $12 per person. Please pay when you arrive.