Activity: Sleeping Boards

OBJECTIVE: To increase multi-cultural awareness
SKILLS: Imagination, describing
SUBJECTS: Social studies, history, language arts
TIME: 10 minutes


Have students read the panels on slavery located on the tobacco barn. Ask them how they would feel if a slave cabin was home. Ask them to tell what is happening in the drawing called "Noontime on the Plantation." You might need to ask some leading questions, such as," Where are the parents of these children? Who is taking care of them?"

Explain that children rarely had a bed (as we know it) to sleep on. Usually they just had boards that were stored flat against a wall during the day and were used at night to sleep on.

Have the students experiment with the boards inside the barn. Have them try different angles, different heights to see if they could sleep. Boards can be placed against the walls of the barn or angled against a hay bale.

SPECIAL NOTES: Please store the boards flat against the wall when you are finished!