Activity: Java Crossword

Fill out the crossword using the following words:

Piscataway, Java, Trees, Tobacco, Canoe, Slavery, Milk, Cows, Research, History


1. Native Americans who used this area for fishing and hunting.
5. Small boat used by Native Americans for transportation.
8. People owning other people. This was a common practice on this plantation and others in Maryland.
9. Events that happened in the past.


2. Main product produced on a dairy farm. This was a product of the Java Dairy Farm before the Smithsonian owned the property.
3. The name of the trail at the Smithsonian is the _ _ _ _ History Trail.
4. Main crop grown on this property. It was shipped to England to be smoked.
5. Animals that grazed on this land when it was a dairy farm.
6. The main purpose for this land now that the Smithsonian owns it.
7. In the process called succession these replace grasses and shrubs.


Answer to the crossword puzzle