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Estuary Chesapeake: 4th-6th Grade

Study estuarine ecology on the Rhode River, and connect environmental issues of the watershed to human impacts. Conduct water quality tests, and learn about blue crabs, oyster bar communities, plankton, and near-shore fish communities in a station-based parent/teacher led field trip. Can be paired with the Java History Trail.

 Exploring Nature: K-3rd Grade

Learn basic ecological concepts through age appropriate hands-on activities, costumes, and colorful visual aids. Use the five senses to directly explore ecosystems; aquatic and terrestrial animals, plants, water, and soil. 

 Wetland Ecology: 6th-8th Grade

Hike through forest and marsh to conduct nutrient testing, weather monitoring, plant identification, and field research planning. Students and leaders discuss watershed topography, the nitrogen and phosphorous cycles, and marsh ecosystems.

 Teachers' Corner

Find resources for teachers to implement into the classroom, prepare for field trips, or connect with SERC.