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Field Programs

Explore the diverse content offerings of SERC's High School Science Program, from field studies on our 2,650 acre research campus to SERC research based programs for the classroom. We do not offer a general field trip program for high school students, but are willing to discuss opportunities for collaborations either through our Education Program or Citizen Science Program.  

Student Opportunities

Get involved at SERC! Find out the latest on student field research opportunities, volunteer positions, and summer programs. Our citizen scientists work with researchers in the lab or in the field to collect data and contribute to a research project. These are generally more individualized activities, with opportunities for individual research projects.   

For more information

Please contact Alison Cawood (443) 482-2271 or Karen McDonald (443) 482-2216 to discuss these opportunities. 


Learn more about our labs and projects through the Ecosystems on the Edge Video Series.

To learn more about the group activities we offer, click here.