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2010 Archaeological Investigations at 18AN339
The 2010 archaeological investigations undertaken by Anne Arundel County’s Lost Towns Project was in specific response to the needs of SERC under a grant awarded them by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority. The goals for the archaeological component of the grant were three fold: to expand Phase I level archaeological survey around the mansion ruins and the farm complex on “Java-Contee Farm”; conduct additional Phase III level excavations on the 17th century Sparrow’s Rest Home site, and offer technical and public outreach support for experiential public programming and website development.
The Phase I survey area was delineated at an on-site meeting with SERC Executive Director Tuck Hines and Educational Program Director Mark Haddon in Spring of 2010 (Figure 1.). The bounds of that survey area were expanded from what was originally contracted to reflect the potential area of impacts from proposed development schemes found in the 2008 Master Plan for the Mansion Ruins and Farm Center node (Figure 2.). The results of the Phase I survey in this area are limited to archaeological considerations and to a limited extent, landscape and view shed features that are potentially significant, and add value to the sites interpretive potential.